What is the piston slap and methods to fix it?

Having the car is not a very big deal of maintaining a car with good quality for a long time is a very big thing. Because not only the car may be any vehicle if there is no proper maintenance it can be easily damaged either from rust, deposits or it may be anything.

Other than this you have to take your vehicle to the proper servicing through the frequent servicing you come to know about the internal condition of your car parts. Among them, one of the problems that arise in the cylinder of the car is the hitting of the piston.

In worldwide around a particular percentage of people were searching about the piston slapping to have an idea about what cause piston slap.


What is piston slapping?

The piston slapping is just rocking over the piston in the cylinder to adjust their desired position up or down to the cylinder.

It generally occurs when there are too many rooms in the cylinder wall for the piston. When they hit on the cylinder wall it will create the noises and that is said to be the piston slapping that is simply said to be piston slap sound. This happens when there is a gap between the piston and the cylinder wall.

Methods to fix piston slap:Piston_slap

Here are the methods that could help you in fixing up the piston slap;

It is better to replace the oversized piston with some of the passenger side pistons.

Replace the piston rings compressor kit on either side of the piston.

Piston skirt coating can give you the best result.

You can also apply the piston oils to stop the hitting of the piston to the cylinder wall.

Above mentioned are the very few methods still there are some more methods you can get to know from your mechanic to fix the piston slap problem of your car. Through the proper maintenance with frequent changing of oils and providing sufficient oils to your engine can prevent this piston slapping problem.

Symptoms of piston slapping:

It is very easy to find the piston slapping issue of your car than other internal issues of the car. If you have a good hearing capacity, you could hear the sound of piston hitting the wall of the cylinder. Their sound will be almost like the bell sound.

When you could hear the piston slap symptoms it is better to take your car to a mechanic and inspecting the car thoroughly. So that you could diagnose the problem earlier by this you could save you money.